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Highlights from the launch of Luxury Portfolio magazine


A primary concept behind the new Luxury Portfolio magazine was envisioning it as a coffee table book.

Accordingly, our September issue has maintained its relevance as we inch nearer to the winter season. Countless ideas can found across each copy, including ideas of where to travel in 2022, the latest good reads and fashion trends, thoughts on entertainment spaces as we approach the holiday season and tips for organizing the home for those setting goals for the New Year.

“It is not a regular magazine issue. It has been designed in a way to have a shelf life for three months or four months. You want to revisit it,” said Mickey Alam Khan, editor in chief of Luxury Portfolio and president of Luxury Portfolio International (LPI).

Overall, the issue’s theme beautifully ushered in a new era for the magazine – optimism. As such, LPI celebrated its release for the past month and a half with its first ever virtual launch party, its own cocktail, content on social media and the website and more.

Take a look at our favorite moments following the release.

Director’s cut

In September and October, LPI provided glimpses into how the whole project came together, including a behind-the scenes look at the Neiman Marcus fashion shoot, as well as a launch party that featured an open-ended discussion with magazine contributor Brynn Olson of Brynn Olson Design Group and advertisers Andrew Curcio of Holly Hunt and Miranda Hodge of ReserveBar, as well as the LPI team.

Mr. Alam Khan also provided an overview of his thought process behind the relaunch.

“At the end of the day, time is a most perishable commodity. You must savor every moment you have, and it is reflected in the issue. We are telling you the future is going to be good,” Mr. Alam Khan said.

“I am not saying I am an oracle, but sometimes you can build things your way. It really is your attitude to life,” he continued.

LPI’s Mickey Alam Khan and Jen Woodring discuss Luxury Portfolio magazine.

Jen Woodring, vice president of customer experience and brand collaborations at LPI and photographer Jonathan Zizzo discussed the process behind the Neiman Marcus fashion shoot.

“That fashion shoot is the first time Luxury Portfolio has ever collaborated with a broker to do a fashion shoot. Never happened in our entire company’s history, so we are creating a lot of firsts with this particular issue,” Mr. Alam Khan said.

Behind-the-scenes at the Neiman Marcus fashion shoot in Dallas.

Readers truly invested in behind-the-scenes coverage of the magazine can view the recording of Luxury Portfolio’s launch party, where Ms. Olson discussed generational preferences in design and Mr. Curcio described the textiles featured in the divider spreads for each of the four categories – Real Estate, Design, Travel and Lifestyle.

Social status

LPI, too, made a splash on social media, including a series of stunning Instagram stories, visible from the “LPI Magazine” highlight on Instagram; a Reel showcasing Ms. Hodge’s The Optimist cocktail featured at the launch party; and a Spotify playlist, similarly titled Optimism.

Prefer written instructions? ReserveBar has it covered. Visit their website to discover how to make the cocktail and purchase the ingredients using the special discount code LPI20.

Meanwhile, the playlist featured top picks from the entirety of the LPI staff, each song seeking to strike a happy tone.

Listen to the Optimism playlist on Spotify.

FROM PLAYLISTS TO COCKTAILS, behind-the-scenes glimpses to reading the issue at, LPI has hopes that audiences will continue to enjoy this release into 2022.

As Mr. Alam Khan put it, “We are inviting you to be optimistic and to celebrate life.”

Read the digital issue for free or purchase a print copy at

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